The Best Biodegradable Drinkware For Your Next Party

If you have ever thrown a party, you probably understand the pain of washing dishes and drinkware that are left behind. Besides fighting off the tiredness of the get-together, you are left with the almost impossible task of washing a lot of glasses.  This is perhaps one of the main reasons why people are shifting […]

Find out how we are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

Covid-19 has been tough for many individuals and businesses as we all deal with the shutdown of indoor and outdoor events, concerts, restaurants, pubs, gyms, weddings, parties and the list goes on. 

Proven Benefits of Supporting Australian Made Products

Enjoy Top-Quality Australian-made Products from Romax Australian-made products are known for their superior quality. Australian manufacturing is regulated to ensure the highest quality standards, you know you are getting a high quality product that’s made to last the distance when you buy Australian Made than when you are buying foreign products.

4 Reasons why you should choose Romax

Yes, Romax Premium Disposable Drinkware is completely Australian owned and operated. We manufacture all of our products in Sydney, Australia.

Christmas Closure – Get In and Place Orders Quickly!

Romax manufactures some of the best premium disposable drinkware available today. We have a collection of cocktail glasses, champagne glasses, beer cups, wine goblets, and so much more. You can find everything you need for a grand Christmas celebration or a packed New Year’s Eve party on our website.

Romax’ Biodegradable Plastics With EcoPure®

Plastics are used in a wide range of products in daily life. It is almost impossible to imagine life without many of the plastic items we use as a matter of routine every day. Plastic offers unmatched benefits of durability and safety and is used  to make disposable plates, bowls, cups, glasses, and more. These […]

Introducing the Romax Plastic Champage Flute

At Romax, we provide a wide range of disposable drinkware. Our 125ml – One Piece – Plastic Champagne Flute is the perfect addition to your next event. With its Crystal Clear Clarity, Unique Style and highly glossed finish it presents a better image than any other disposables.

Benefits of purchasing our Stadium Cup product

When people think of disposable plastic cups, the first thing that comes to mind is low-quality flimsy receptacles that neither hold drinks well, nor look good. But we at Romax are the game changers. Our products are a class apart and outstanding on many counts.

Disposable Cups of Premium Quality

Romax has been fulfilling the need for high-quality disposable drinkware  for three decades. We are a completely Australian outfit and we cater directly to high volume consumers like the hosts of sporting events and festivals, breweries, and hotels. Our commitment to quality is proven by our ISO 9001 certification.