Christmas Closure – Get In And Place Orders Quickly!

Christmas Closure – Get In And Place Orders Quickly!

Romax manufactures some of the best premium disposable drinkware available today. We have a collection of cocktail glasses, champagne glasses, beer cups, wine goblets, and so much more. You can find everything you need for a grand Christmas celebration or a packed New Year’s Eve party on our website.

Start Ordering Now!

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just a few weeks away, many stores experience low-stock or issues with shipping during this time because of the sheer volume of orders. Here are Romax, we encourage you to get your purchase orders in to avoid any disappointments.

We will be closing for Christmas so our team can spend this time with our loved ones. Our hardworking employees are still going to process orders and keep deliveries going until the Thursday, 19th December 2019.

Early Notice for Timely Deliveries of Romax Drinkware Products

An early notice regarding your order and requirements can help us get everything done before we close over the Christmas and New Year period.  Please provide information for all December and January requirements early so we can start processing them quickly.

Some of Our Popular Party Drinkware Products

  1. Cocktail Glasses

Cocktails are popular at any party. We provide
Cocktails are popular at any party. We provide 220ml cocktail glasses suitable for all kinds of drinks. They are available with clear, black, gold, or silver bases, which means you can choose something that fits a party’s theme perfectly. For example, gold or silver are a perfect fit for Christmas parties while black are ideal for classy New Year’s Eve gatherings

All Romax cocktail glasses are made from food-grade polystyrene and have a highly-glossed finish while looking stylish. Every carton includes 100 pieces measuring about 13cm in height with 10cm top and 6cm base. If you’re looking for something elegant but casual for this holiday season, consider our cocktail glasses for your next party or event.

  1. Champagne Flutes

We have two types of champagne flutes available; one-piece or two-piece.

Our one-piece flute is very popular because it is easy to manage. These glasses are perfect for all kinds of formal events, including sophisticated Christmas parties. They’re made from food-grade polystyrene and have a crystal clear appearance that imitates expensive glass drinkware. This unique design will make it stand at any event so if you want something different, order a carton today.

Our champagne flutes hold 125ml of liquid. You can fill around 6-7 glasses with a traditional 750ml champagne bottle.

Every carton contains 216 glasses that are 17cm high, measuring 5.5cm around its top and with a 6cm base. All Romax products are made in Australia guaranteeing premium quality.

  1. Stadium Beer Cups

Australian’s love beer and no party is complete without some beer cups being passed around. We provide both 285ml Stadium Beer cups and 425ml Stadium Beer cups made from good-quality polypropylene. They are completely crushable but you can still carry four at once without worrying from one of them collapsing. Our stadium cups have a unique design with a non-slip grip coating outside. Guests can have fun or sweet it out on a dance floor without worrying about dropping their beer cup.

All Stadium Beers cups are biodegradable, durable, reusable, and recyclable, which means they’re more eco-friendly than some other options available in the market. Our stadium beer cups are also designed to preserve your drink’s texture so it won’t go flat quickly too. Every carton contains 250 units of around 10.3cm in height, 8cm top, and 4.8cm bottom. All 425ml cups are 11cm in height, 9cm top, and 6cm bottom. We also offer clear, red or black stadium cups in both sizes, but they’re made-to-order. If you want coloured items, place an order immediately to avoid delays.

  1. Wine Goblets

Australia has many beautiful wines to offer and Christmas is a good time for sharing them with loved ones. People can drink wines any way they like but you only get the full experience of it while drinking from a wine glass. We provide stylish glasses made from durable food-grade polystyrene. Romax wine goblets are ideal for elegant Christmas or New Year’s Eve parties, especially if you expect a large crowd. These goblets have unique vine etching, crystal clear clarity, and a high-gloss finish, which means they’re designed to impress.

All wine goblets are reusable, durable, and easy to recycle. They’re gentler on our environment than regular plastic cups. Every carton contains 500 pieces that are 9cm tall with a top of 6.5cm and a bottom of 5.5cm.

These items are more likely to go out of stock before Christmas holidays. You can avoid low-stock or out-of-stock notices by placing an order early. We also provide a wide range of other products like plates, bowls, ice buckets, etc. We also provide biodegradable cups, bowls, and plates. There’s no lack of options in design or size. Feel free to explore the store to find what fits your requirements.


Romax will re-open with limited staff on Monday, 13th January 2020. Our factory will start full production again on Monday, 20th January 2020 when everything will be business as usual. If you need drinkware or flatware for post-Christmas parties, please place your order now for prompt delivery within a few days.

Thank you for supporting us throughout 2019 and we hope to see everyone again in 2020! If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us via our website – or by calling us on 02 9531 1122.


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