The Best Biodegradable Drinkware For Your Next Party

If you have ever thrown a party, you probably understand the pain of washing dishes and drinkware that are left behind. Besides fighting off the tiredness of the get-together, you are left with the almost impossible task of washing a lot of glasses.  This is perhaps one of the main reasons why people are shifting to disposable drinkware.  It’s versatile and more importantly, for the convenience of disposing it quickly.

Disposable drinkware for your next special event

There are several occasions where disposable drinkware is convenient and economical. For instance, any office events where you are welcoming a co-worker or planning a farewell party at your workplace, is there anything better than disposable cups? With the stress of party planning, you cannot possibly fit washing dishes and cups into your packed schedule. Romax reusable cups are not only easy to use, but they are also good for your wallet and the environment.

Major events and festivals such as music shows, concerts, gatherings and fairs often set up stalls selling food and drinks. Using washable drinkware is obviously not a very practical move. Plastic cups and glasses are the perfect alternatives for such occasions. Additionally, sports events such as horse racing, rugby league and soccer matches, after-game seasonal parties, gatherings, and other formal events require drinkware.

Hotels are also increasingly making use of disposables to serve their guests welcome drinks or place them at the water dispenser. Wineries and breweries carry out wine and beer tasting events and tours. Romax’s disposable wine glasses are the best fit for these occasions. They not only add to the charm of the winery but also make such events convenient for the owner.

Who is Romax?

Established in 1988 in Adelaide, South Australia, Romax is one of the leading names in the disposable market. We are an Australian made brand that markets disposable drinkware and manufactures these products in Sydney.

Romax products and services

Romax is involved in the manufacture and production of high-quality plastic products. Our party and event disposable drinkware is renowned in the industry. Here is an extensive list of our products:

Some of our best-selling products include –

We also offer custom printed drinkware in a variety of colours, prints and materials to match the occasion.

What is Custom Print?

Romax offers its clients an excellent service of custom printing. Custom printed cups are a highly effective way of promoting your business, organisation or event. They can help the guests familiarise themselves with your brand and add to the list of potential customers. Romax can provide catering and event products with a custom print of your logo or design in just 4-6 weeks.


Where can you find Romax products?

You cannot find Romax at your local supermarket. All our products can be found online at our website –

We supply to hospitality and catering distributors, racing events and festivals, sports stadiums, wineries, breweries and hotels. Therefore, if you are arranging an office party or catering for a sports team, Romax disposable drinkware is your best option.


Romax promotes Australian made products

Romax prides itself on being an authentic Australian made brand with the highest quality plastic products. There are several benefits of purchasing products manufactured in Australia.

Supporting the local economy

Why you look for internationally produced products? Buying Australian-made products means that you are supporting the country’s economy and workers. This also opens the door for employment opportunities, particularly in the production sector.

More options

If you are ordering products within Australia, you get the added benefit of customising your order at any time of the day. With the online system of Romax, you can choose and alter your product with ease.


Reduced wait times

If you are a local client, it is easier for the team to get in touch with you about your product update or any other issues. You do not have to wait long hours to get in touch with customer service. The shipment is also dispatched within 24-48 hours of the order, so the delivery date is also not delayed. With a comprehensive network of distributors across the country, rest assured that you will get the best products before the deadline.


Quality of product

With indigenous products, you do not have to worry about product quality. Your products will be locally made, with the best materials sourced from only reliable providers. Additionally, your products will be safely delivered at your doorstep. With Romax, your products are in the best hands.



Time and again, Romax has marketed this aspect of their production. With the use of EcoPure in their products, they are one of the few manufacturers of biodegradable drinkware in the country. They use organic additives in their products which is not only easy to dispose of, but also quickens the biodegradation process. Their material is easy to decompose and considerably reduces the burden on the environment.

Plastic waste is increasing at a dramatic rate. It contributes to nearly 40% of the waste produced. Health experts have continued to emphasise the role it plays in climate change, which could possibly destroy the earth in less than ten years. To combat this change, the skilled team at Romax has come up with an excellent alternative. Biodegradable plastics are slowly replacing the conventional plastic that is used in their products. Moreover, this environment-friendly plastic comes from clean energy sources and does not end up in landfills. Romax is slowly converting all its products to biodegradable ones as a gesture of its support to the environment.

Quick services

The products and services at Romax are manufactured and produced locally in the country. What does this mean for you? It means no more waiting days to receive your orders! Romax usually dispatches your orders within 24-48 hours. The delivery generally reaches your doorstep in 1-3 days. This means that if you end up forgetting about your party or office event, you will not be forced to scramble from shop-to-shop looking for disposable cups and glasses. Simply head on the official website and place your order online. With their extensive distribution network in every state and territory across the country, your products will be delivered to you just in time.

Product quality

Romax does not compromise on product quality. Their quality control procedures ensure that they make use of premium quality raw materials. The unique and stylish drinkware is designed to offer a non-greasy feel. The textured surface produces a reliable non-slip grip. The quality of the material ensures long-term durability. The cups do not crack or break easily, even under pressure. You may think that purchasing in bulk could end up reducing the product quality. However, each cup and glass is produced with the same materials which are outsourced from the same provider. This ensures unanimity in the product outcome.

When it comes to glass cups, you always run the risk of breakage. The biodegradable glass that Romax uses is sturdy. Its tempered material does not easily break. The interior surface has a high-gloss finish as well. This is crucial because cups should not retain excessive effervescence. Having too much foam in your cup results in less liquid quantity.

The durability of a cup is measured by its ability to bear weight. The perfect drinkware should not break under pressure. Romax cups are rigid and do not collapse. While their material is reliable, it is also crushable and easy to dispose of. They are also lightweight and use up less storage space.


Customer service

The customer service of any company speaks volumes about its products. Romax aims for absolute customer satisfaction. The support team is friendly and professional. They ensure that your queries are answered and help you get in touch with their experts. They are readily available on call, online and at the local office to guide you for your drinkware requirements. You can also request a quote for your products on the website. The team will review it and get back to you in less than 48 hours.



Biodegradable drinkware is an investment. While it may be costlier than single-use cups at the time of initial purchase, you end up saving a lot more in the long run! As the name suggests, single-use cups must be thrown away after one use. Therefore, if there is another office event or party the next week, you will need a fresh batch of drinkware. But take into account the biodegradable cups. These cups can be reused. Wash them off in a dishwasher after your get-together, and they are as good as new! You may end up throwing them away after ten or so uses, but that is not harming the environment either. These recyclable cups can easily be decomposed, unlike the single-use plastic styrofoam cups. So you’re not just saving up your money, you’re also contributing to the planet’s well being.


How is Romax responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 has taken a toll on millions of businesses across the globe. Romax is one of them. As the company deals with indoor and outdoor events such as concerts, pubs, gyms, restaurants, hotels, weddings and parties, they are forced to deal with reduced demands. However, the company is open and functioning even as the country enters the next phase of pandemic control. As the company does not outsource its product from the international market, they do not have to worry about contamination. Their products are locally produced in Sydney, which reduces the risk of surface spread and long wait times due to staff shortage.

The company is proactively responding to the guidelines issued by the Australian government to protect its employees and customers. The company has also made provisions for the employees to work from home by contacting contractors, clients and providers online.

While public gatherings are now allowed, the company is taking every measure to limit the spread of the virus.


How can you contact Romax?

The team at Romax is available during their working hours from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday. You can call us or get in touch via email. You can also visit their office in Taren Point, Sydney to find out more.  Additionally, you can request a quote on our website for the products you require. After reviewing your request, they will get back to you with an estimate for your services.

So the next time you plan a party or an office event, opt for environment-friendly, affordable and reusable cups and glasses. Get your biodegradable drinkware and contribute to saving the planet today!

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