Romax Drinkware Taren Point

Disposable Cups Of Premium Quality

Romax has been fulfilling the need for high-quality disposable cups and drinkware for three decades. We are a completely Australian outfit and we cater directly to high volume consumers like the hosts of sporting events and festivals, breweries, and hotels. Our commitment to quality is proven by our ISO 9001 certification. 

Disposable Cups – We Won’t Let You Compromise on Quality

Most people associate the use of disposable plastic cups with low quality of plastic. Which could affect the quality of the drink inside the cup and also degrade the environment.w We have done exactly the opposite for 30 years. We believe that just because we make plastic cups disposable, they shouldn’t be of low quality.  Our range of disposable drinkware can be used in the classiest of occasions. Where you will love holding our drink in our clear plastic cups. When you picture holding a drink in a plastic cup, you would normally think of flimsy and weak cups. But our hard plastic cups not only look good but also feel good to hold while you circulate in the group.

Our complete range of products includes plastic cups, bowls, and plates. But our most popular products are our cups of different sizes and shapes. When you are living it up at the races, you can pour the bubbly into our plastic champagne flutes. Check out other options like our taster, wine goblets and wine glasses, all in high-quality disposable plastic.

Moving on from cups, we also provide high-quality premium disposable dinnerware. which can help you avoid the need for washing your plates when you are at hosting some event. They are light enough to allow you to carry your dinnerware while you move around, yet heavy enough to give you the feel of using a good quality plate. Our plates are in a range of five different attractive colors – black, white, clear, gold and silver. Romax provides the convenience of online ordering and we can deliver Australia wide.

You won’t find us in any department store, and you can enquire about our products via our website. We can deliver anywhere in Australia within 48 hours of receipt of order.


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