Romax Champagne Flute Design

Introducing The Romax Plastic Champage Flute

At Romax, we provide a wide range of disposable drinkware. Our 125ml – One Piece – Plastic Champagne Flute is the perfect addition to your next event. With its Crystal Clear Clarity, Unique Style and highly glossed finish it presents a better image than any other disposables.

The 125ml Plastic Champagne Flute is more rigid and therefore more durable, lasting much longer than a cheaper option. There is no greater value than offering your guests/clients products they will appreciate and use with total confidence. Our Champagne Flutes are extremely stylish, with the crystal shape offering an elegant look and enhances the appearance of the liquid it holds.

Romax Champagne Flute Design

The Romax plastic Champagne Flute has been specifically designed to hold 125ml, filling 6-7 glasses from every bottle of wine. Other traditional glasses typically cater for 4-5 servings per bottle. This equates to more profit for your client.

The champagne flute is a one piece unit providing a cost effective product for the organiser, they are conveniently packed with the ability to use them straight from the carton, no plastic sleeves and no assembling required as with two-piece champagne flutes which results with your staff spending time on unpacking and assembling the products, in some settings this can prove to be extremely inconvenient and cumbersome to handle.

Romax plastic champagne flutes are extremely versatile and can be used at events, parties, commercial establishments like restaurants, cafes, wineries and at any large-scale indoor and outdoor events.
Our plastic champagne flutes are the perfect choice for your next events or party. We maintain a large inventory and can dispatch the champagne flutes within 24-48 hours of receipt of order.

If you require any more information about our plastic champagne flute or any other items from our quality disposable product range, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Romax on 02 9531 1122 or use our online form.

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